The Mayor of Weatherfield is the position which many people have held over the years, both in the early county borough and in the merged borough.

Events Edit

In 1972, Harold Chapman and Charlie Rogers decided to have one last mayor of the county borough. Alf Roberts was selected over Len Fairclough. Maggie Clegg was the first choice for Mayoress but Annie Walker was chosen.


1973: Alf is installed as Mayor of Weatherfield

In 1994, the position was revived under the new enlarged borough, and Alf was once again chosen to take up the position. Audrey Roberts took the role as mayoress but stood down because Alf refused to use a limo. Betty Williams took up the role instead.

Martin (surname unknown), who had taken up the role by 2016, attended an LGBTQI event in April 2017 before being forced to stand down due to a scandal. For the replacement, Sally Metcalfe, a former councillor, and Kirk Sutherland battled it out for the title, with Sally winning by 51 votes.

Sally later formed an injudicious relationship that resulted in fraud-related charges, after which she resigned despite maintaining innocence of the actual charges (for which she was imprisoned in 2018).

Mayors and MayoressesEdit

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