Maureen Tully is the mother of Sean Tully who visited Weatherfield in late-June 2006.

Maureen arrived shortly after a holiday in Spain, where she turned up at 11 Coronation Street clutching a present for Sean that she'd bought last-minute from the airport's Duty Free shop. Once inside, she began quizzing Sean about the financial aspect of his lodging arrangements. Sean very quickly changed the subject and informed his mother that he'd attended his "aunt" Betty's funeral and had also been in touch with his assumed father Brian a few times since then. At this point, Sean also explained that Brian had told him - over a meal at Valandro's on Father's Day - that he wasn't his biological father.

Initially Maureen tried to make out that Brian had lied, but soon realised that Sean could be fooled no more, and began an unsuccessful attempt to blame Brian for walking out on them when Sean was ten. Probing for more information about his true father, Maureen eventually told him that she'd met a plumber called Paul Jones at a social club dance, they'd had a fling which quickly fizzled out, and Paul didn't even know about his son's existence. An angered Sean turfed his mother out of No.11 and promptly began drinking the alcohol she'd bought for him from Duty Free.

Maureen turned up again the following day to try and make amends, but understandably, Sean was still angry and walked away from her. Producing an envelope from her handbag, she asked Eileen Grimshaw to pass it on to him. Upon discovering that there was a photograph of Paul inside the envelope, and despite the concern of his friends Jamie Baldwin and Violet Wilson, Sean was upset he could see no resemblance between him and his father.

Almost two years later in February 2008, Sean became a father himself upon the birth of Dylan Wilson.

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