Pensioner Maureen Rothwell had a large win at the bingo one night in February 2014 and almost lost it all within the matter of a few hours.

Also at the hall that night were Beth and Sinead Tinker who first encountered Maureen when Beth asked her for a plaster as her boot was rubbing and the acerbic Maureen told her that she should wear ones that fitted. She reluctantly handed over the plaster, taking offence at Beth’s comment that her handbag was over-sized. Later on, the two ladies saw Maureen counting out her winnings and putting them in her bag. Their next encounter with her was at a bus stop where Maureen regaled to them with her opinions of the trustfulness - or lack of - of taxi drivers and bus drivers while all the time a Youth stood nearby eyed the bag. He scrambled for it just as Beth had taken off her still-tight boot and she instantly tackled the miscreant. Grappling him to a wall, she used the boot to beat him round the head until he dropped the bag and ran off.

The police were called and Maureen regaled PC Burke with her opinions of Beth's heroism although she took offense at her comment that you have to look after the old, snapping that she was only sixty-eight. She was nevertheless grateful as her bag contained not only her winnings but also part of her late husband's ashes, the remainder of the late Lawrence Rothwell being scattered at Lake Windermere where they had had their honeymoon.

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