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Maud Grimes (née Michaelson) was intent on destroying the relationship between her daughter Maureen and Reg Holdsworth. She succeeded in 1968 but was powerless to stop their courtship and marriage in 1994.

Maud despised Reg, thinking him to be an unsuitable partner for her daughter and tried many times to cause trouble between them. However, tables were turned when she overheard her two sons-in-law arguing during Maureen and Reg's wedding reception over who was going to be "lumbered" with looking after her. Perhaps the fear of being unwanted and left alone was the reason why Maud strived to control her daughter's life.

For a while Maud was engaged to be married to Percy Sugden but he broke off the engagement when he discovered that Maud had an affair during World War II with Danny Kennedy, an American soldier, and that Maureen was the resulting child of that relationship. She proposed to Percy again, but he turned her down thinking that she was joking.

She lived at 7 Nightingale Street, with a penchant for bizarre tea-cosy shaped hats, reading the tea leaves and other spirit-related skills - she tried to summon the ghost of Ivy Brennan).

By the time Maureen had moved to Germany with Bill Webster in 1997, Maud went to live in Mayfield Court alongside Phyllis Pearce and Percy Sugden.

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"Who's this?" (First line to daughter Maureen, with reference to Reg Holdsworth)


"There's nowt like a man making a fool of himself to show a woman he's in love." (Final line, about Derek Heavey)

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