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Neglectful mother Tracy Barlow got a holiday relief job in a florist's in April 2004 and roped her family into babysitting her daughter, Amy. Phoning home after working hours, she told them that they had a rush job for a funeral that was taking place the next day but in reality was in Nexus wine bar with Matthew Young, a handsome young florist's delivery driver. Deirdre wasn't fooled though when she smelt the alcohol on Tracy's breath but didn't say anything to her.

A couple of days later, Tracy announced that she would be at work all day but Blanche Hunt was certain that as it was a Wednesday, the shop would be closed after lunch. She was proven right when Tracy brought Matthew home to 7 Coronation Street, thinking she had the house to herself. Blanche came downstairs after seeing to the bathroom and a desperate Tracy tried to pass her off as her cleaner but Blanche refused to play along with the deception. When Ken arrived a moment later complete with Amy in her pram, he introduced the young man to Tracy's daughter. Aghast, he told her she should have been upfront with him and walked out. Tracy afterwards told Ken that she needed some time away from her daughter. Ken told her he understood but, like Matthew, reiterated the message that she should be upfront with people.

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