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Matthew Jones (born 5th August 1968) was a storyliner (then termed a "story associate") on Coronation Street from June to August 1998 with 44 episodes to his credit.

He began his career as a journalist and writer, often producing works linked to Doctor Who. In 1999 he script edited both Queer as Folk and Love in the 21st Century. He then moved into scriptwriting and contributed towards Serious and Organised, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dirk Gently, Rogue, Dirk Gently and Mr Selfridge. He created the mini-series P.O.W. on which he was also executive producer.

He has since expanded on this specific aspect of his career, working on Shameless, Talk to Me, Skins and Rogue.

Episodes storylined by Matthew Jones

1998 (44 episodes)