Matthew Begley was a boy who Amy Barlow fancied who attended a house party with her in February 2018.

Amy told her parents Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald that she and her friend Jessica would be getting a bus to the precinct and then going out to the cinema. Steve told Amy that he would pick her up outside the cinema at 6 o'clock.

Jessica told Amy that they had been invited to a party along with a group of friends from school including Matthew. Although Amy mentioned that she thought they were going to the cinema, the mention of Matthew persuaded her to go to the party.

At the party, Ben Siddel texted Jessica to ask if she wanted to go into the kitchen. Jessica replied that she and Amy would both go, provided that Matthew joined them.

Jessica left the party, leaving Amy with Ben and Matthew in the kitchen. Ben offered Amy a drink and asked her why she didn't leave when Jessica did. When Amy said that she had forgotten her bus pass, Matthew offered to walk her home or lend her some money to get a taxi. Ben mocked him for his suggestions, causing Matthew to reply that Ben was just jealous because Jessica had turned him down.

Matthew was pleased when Ben left them and asked Amy why she hadn't been replying to his texts. Amy said she had lost her phone and reassured Matthew she still liked him by kissing him. Although Matthew suggested they should go upstairs, they were interrupted when Amy's parents Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow arrived at the party.

Steve and Tracy were stunned to discover Amy with her hands around Matthew and berated her for lying about being at the cinema. As Amy left with her parents, Matthew awkwardly tried to make small talk with Steve, much to the amusement of his schoolmates.

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