Matt Davis was the affluent manager of a Weatherfield cash and carry. In 2009, he met divorcee Sunita Alahan and began a relationship with her that led to them becoming engaged later in the year. Matt apparently did not have a problem with the fact that Sunita had two children from her marriage to his business acquaintance Dev Alahan, and was living with Sunita and the children at 7 Meadow View, Bramhall.

Matt was surprised to discover on 4th December that he and Dev were both members of the Greenside Golf Club. Dev didn't know that Matt was seeing Sunita but found out when Matt showed up at the club with Dev's children, having collected them from school. Although on friendly terms with Matt until then, Dev now resented the fact that he had a close relationship with his children and ex-wife and began visiting Sunita's house more often in an effort to edge Matt out. Dev's plan was threatened by the fact that he couldn't resist having a go at Matt whenever he played a fatherly role to Aadi and Asha. Matt began to feel sidelined when Sunita allowed Dev to throw a birthday party for the kids and later when she called on Dev when Asha caught a virus, not telling Matt until later.

On 15th January 2010, Sunita told Dev that she was no longer seeing Matt. Matt wasn't willing to give up on the relationship without a fight however and on 22nd February he went to see Sunita to persuade her to give him another chance, unaware that Sunita was being visited by her aunts Grishma and Upma, and that Sunita and Dev were pretending to still be together for their benefit. Matt didn't like being asked to play along with the story that he was the twins' Maths teacher and left the house as soon as he could.

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