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Matt was a builder who was working on the Legacy Reach Paper Mill development in March 2018.

Matt and his colleague were responsible for emptying water from the millpond so that construction could continue. Pat Phelan noted that Matt was keen to start work as his manager Mona Beattie had said the job would take a few days. Matt remarked that he'd only said it would take so long so she would be impressed when the job was finished early.

Matt told Phelan that the job would be completed by the morning and pointed to the emergence of a shopping trolley in the water to show how they had progressed. While Phelan panicked about the bodies of Vinny Ashford and Andy Carver being found, Matt joked about the bizarre things he had found in his job and said that anything could turn up once the water had been cleared.

In order to avoid Matt discovering the bodies, Phelan decided to try and get him to leave. Although Matt was actually on the phone to his mother, when Phelan approached, he pretended that Mona was ringing to check on their progress.

Phelan spotted one of the bodies emerging in the water and pushed Matt to finish for the day, giving an excuse that the weather looked like it was going to change. Matt warned Phelan that due to health and safety, he should be on site in case anything goes wrong with his equipment. Phelan told Matt that he had it covered and that if there were any problems, he would give him a call.