Mary Stubbs was a dour and unhappy woman who had the unenviable job of collecting the weekly rents in Weatherfield for agents Alfred and Edward Wormold on behalf of landlady Mrs Briggs. She was treated by the residents according to their usual manners, being given courtesy and offers of cups of tea by Ida Barlow and a tongue-lashing from Elsie Tanner which she took with resignation.

In March 1961, on her weekly round, she gave out letters to the residents offering them the sale of their houses for £200 each. At No.3, Ida was delighted and hoped to persuade husband Frank to take up the offer. At No.11 there was a different reaction and Elsie went into a diatribe about the state of the roof, the plumbing and the walls, accusing her of wanting to sell before the house fell to pieces. Mary also revealed to Elsie that someone was making enquiries about No.9 which had been empty for three months since being vacated by Ted and Amy Gibson. Elsie demanded that the agent (i.e. Wormold) was not to let the house go before she had had a word with him as her daughter and her husband Linda and Ivan Cheveski, were interested in it and she threatened Mary that she would have a hard time collecting rents in the Street in future if it went to anyone else.

A more agreeable customer was Albert Tatlock who happily sought her out at Elsie's to hand over his money.

Mary Stubbs was the first appearance in the programme for actress Joy Stewart whose most notable contribution was as the store supervisor Miss Sinclair in both series of the spin-off "Pardon the Expression" in 1965 and 1966.
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