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Martin was the elected Mayor of Weatherfield who attended councillor Sally Metcalfe's soiree at 4 Coronation Street in July 2016.

Martin attended the party alongside his partner Terence and their cockapoo, Barry. Barry later caused trouble at the party when he ran out of the front door while the guests were preoccupied.

Once she had realised Barry was missing, Sally roped her guests into looking for him. Yasmeen Nazir, who had been hosting a rival party at No.6, settled her differences with Sally and helped her look for Barry.

Sally admitted to Yasmeen that she was worried that losing the mayor's dog would end her council career. When the pair returned to Sally's house, they were surprised to find Barry with his owners watching a DVD. Their husbands Tim and Sharif admitted that they didn't tell them about Barry's return as they wanted to teach them a lesson.

Martin was next seen attending a LGBTQI event at Weatherfield Town Hall in April 2017. Martin was delighted to see Sally there and praised her work in the council in front of her daughters Rosie and Sophie, calling her a "rising star".

In August 2017, Sally's friend and fellow council worker Brian Packham informed her that the mayor had been forced to step down due to a scandal, prompting a by-election. Brian criticised Martin for having a designer suit and dog but bargain-basement policies. Sally decided to run for the vacant post and was elected mayor in October.

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