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Marrium Nazir was the wife of Zeedan Nazir. The daughter of London restaurateur Hashim Elamin, she was brought up in a close-knit family alongside her two brothers. She met Zeedan some time after he left Weatherfield in May 2018 and the two were married in a low-key wedding in Alicante, Spain in April 2020. Upon their return to the UK, Zeedan discovered that his genial father-in-law was actually a ruthless businessman who expected the new addition to the family to use his chef skills to enrich the business and paid no wages to his kith and kin, despite the long hours they worked.

Zeedan quickly grew frustrated with being financially dependent on his new close-knit family, and also bored with being married to Marrium. He began an affair with a waitress which Hashim found out about and in September 2021 Zeedan fled from his threats to kill him, having taking £50,000 in instalments from the business over a period of time and viewing it as money legitimately owed to himself for his services. Finding out that the Nazir family business of Speed Daal was in serious difficulties due to his sister Alya falling for fraudsters, he put the £50,000 into it to rescue it from collapse.

Hashim then showed his true colours, following Zeedan up north, arranging for him to suffer a beating, and then carrying out a series of increasing threats to his family to force him to launder his own illicit funds through the books of the Speed Daal in a blatant form of tax evasion. Zeedan had no option but to comply and took Hashim's advice as to how to carry out the process. Unable to clean the large amounts of dirty cash that Hashim forced on him, matters reached a crisis between the pair which ended when Hashim forced the restaurant to be torched by his two sons, and soon afterwards collapsed dead of a heart attack in 6 Coronation Street while arguing with both Zeedan and Alya Nazir who had discovered the ordeal that her brother was suffering and prevented him ringing an ambulance until it was too late. Seeing a potential end to their problems, the resourceful girl then planted a set of the restaurant keys in Hashim's car, staged a break-in at the house to convince DC Wallis that the man had come there to threaten Zeedan over the affair, and Zeedan "helpfully" mentioned that Hashim had intimated that he had been responsible for the fire. Following an investigation, Hashim's sons were arrested.

This act brought Marrium scurrying up north, as she had been blissfully ignorant of just what her male relatives were up to, and what they were capable of, and wanted answers. Zeedan genuinely sympathised with her for the loss of her beloved father, and for what he had done to her with his affair, and she explained that after the funeral she was desperate need of a friendly face. He invited her to stay in the area. Yasmeen Metcalfe was pleased to meet her grandson's wife for the first time, having been prevented from attending the wedding by her controlling husband Geoff, but Alya sensed the danger of their actions being found out by having the woman being around and told her brother he was losing his mind for not sending his wife away as soon as he could.

Marrium found the paperwork involved in sorting out her father's affairs to be overwhelming and Zeedan offered to help her out. She, in turn, saw the way in which he tried to help his gran with her troubles, and she found herself growing closer to her husband again, admitting that her male relatives had never made his life easy and she saw that he was a decent man.

The restaurant was restored back into working order by Ed Bailey with final decorations being carried out by Zeedan. Marrium offered her help utilising skills that her father had made sure she was taught, keen not to return to a solitary life in the capital. Meanwhile, Alya's concerns only grew as she saw her brother and his wife rekindling their love for each other. Zeedan convinced her that he also felt he was walking on eggshells, and he was looking forward to her return to London soon, but Yasmeen was hopeful that the two would get back together and asked Alya to be nicer to their visitor. Despite himself, Zeedan found that he was attracted again to his wife and bought her an expensive watch. The two admitted that they were going to miss each other and then declared that they actually were in love with each other. The decided to give their marriage another chance though Marrium made it a condition that they didn't return to the site of their previous failures but instead she would move up north.

Alya was horrified by the news though had to put a brave face on the matter, telling her brother privately that he was made for tempting fate if the truth about her father's death came out. Marrium started to integrate herself into her new family, joining them in the grand reopening of the restaurant, but disaster struck when Yasmeen found a holdall in her loft containing the last of Hashim's dirty cash in the form of wads of used notes. Marrium was unaware of this new development and had no knowledge of the huge row that had blown up behind her back. As Yasmeen became aware of most of what her grandchildren had become involved in (though not their negligence towards Hashim's heart attack), her disgust with them grew and she threw the pair out of her house. Keeping quiet about his sudden homeless state, Zeedan suggested her spend the night with her in her hotel. Inevitably, Marrium found out that there was sudden drastic breach in the Nazir family and demanded Zeedan be honest about what had caused it. He naturally proved evasive, and she took that as evidence that his deceitful nature hadn't changed.

Afraid that he would lose her unless her was honest with her, Alya made him realise that he had the choice between giving up his wife or his family. Making his choice, Zeedan lied to Marrium that he had been lying and he didn't love her and had only been interested in her family's money, this being the cause of his breach with his grandmother. Stunned by the false revelation, Marrium packed her bags and returned to London, with Zeedan watching on sadly as she got in a taxi to leave.

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