Mark Jackson attended Weatherfield Comprehensive with Tracy Barlow, who had a crush on him, despite him being in the fifth year, above her. In January 1992, encouraged by her friend Debbie Dawson, Tracy was on the verge of asking Mark out, when her father Ken Barlow, a teacher at the school, inadvertently interrupted to tick off Mark about his timekeeping. Annoyed, Mark walked off in a huff, leaving Tracy cursing her father's own timing. Later that day, Ken was refereeing football practice and booked Mark for being off-side. Mark disagreed with the decision and gave Ken some cheek. But as Ken turned to remonstrate with the boy, his back gave way and he was forced to lean on Mark for support. Observing from the touchline, Tracy was again mortified by her father's antics.

The following month, Debbie teased Tracy about her designs on Mark, pointing out that he seemed more interested in Marilyn Peery. Tracy insisted she was not bothered but was nevertheless delighted when Mark asked if he could call round to listen to her tape collection. However, Ken's injured back had left him laid out flat for weeks and he was ensconced on the sofa at 1 Coronation Street when Tracy brought Mark home. Ken was perturbed as the two teens headed upstairs together and after half an hour, he insisted they come back down. Deirdre Barlow arrived home to find father and daughter arguing, and sent Tracy back up to her room for ten more minutes with Mark. Deirdre then berated Ken for interfering in her parenting, when he was a guest in her home as their divorce was due to be finalised imminently.

By October, Tracy had transferred her affections to Mark's 20-year-old brother Stuart, who was DJ-ing at the school disco, with Mark assisting. Tracy spent the evening exchanging glances with Stuart but was left devastated when he asked Debbie to dance and realised he had been eyeing up her friend instead.

In his final appearance, Mark was played by non-speaking, uncredited actor Tony Dawson.

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