Marian Lund was a librarian at Manchester University in the early 1960s who was student Kenneth Barlow's first love. A thoughtful, intelligent woman, Marian nevertheless liked to live for the moment and enjoyed her affair with Ken. She was, however, concerned at the age gap between them; Marian, born in 1928, was eleven years older than Ken, but Ken treated Marian with respect and his parents Frank and Ida were supportive when they found out about the relationship, despite Ida's initial misgivings.

The affair soon fizzled out and Ken learned in June 1961 that Marian was engaged to lecturer Mr Collingwood. In 1963, a now-married Marian had dinner with Ken, who was then married to Valerie Tatlock. In December 1964, she sent Ken a Christmas card.

Between 1963 and 2008, Marian was married again, and this time the union was a happier one. In July, she attended a university reunion which Ken attended. The pair enjoyed reminiscing about their time together.

In March 2012 while Ken was working on the switch at Street Cars, he got chatting to Marian over the phone - almost four years after he last saw her at the reunion. She revealed that her second husband had passed away.

Linda Marlowe as Marian in 2008

In her four 1961 appearances, Marian was played by Patricia Heneghan. Despite Marian being eleven years older than Ken, Patricia was actually two years younger than actor William Roache.
The 2008 character was only credited as Marian but is assumed to be Marian Lund as she is said in the episode to have been a university librarian and an old flame of Ken's. In her 2008 appearance, she was played by Linda Marlowe. Despite being played by a different (and far younger) actress, the character currently holds the record for the longest time between appearances out of all Coronation Street characters (47 years).

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