Margot Bryant, or Kathleen Mary Margaret Bryant to give her her full birth name, (8th March, 1897 - 1st January, 1988) was a British actress best known for her sixteen-year portrayal of eccentric pensioner Minnie Caldwell in Coronation Street. Born in Hull to a doctor, William Arthur Bryant, as a young girl she moved to London with her family and became interested in the theatre, appearing in various dramatic productions and musical comedies after making her debut in a production of Aladdin. Margot appeared in films with Fred Astaire and Oliver Reed before landing the part of Minnie in the Street. She debuted in Episode 2, and altogether appeared in 987 editions of the programme.

Margot suffered severe memory loss in 1976 and had to leave her role on Coronation Street and it was explained in the storyline that Minnie had moved to Whaley Bridge with her gentleman companion Handel Gartside. Eventually Margot was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and admitted to Cheadle Royal Hospital in Stockport, where she remained as an in-patient till her death in 1988. Margot had never married.

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