Marge was a toffee-nosed landlady of The Flying Horse. In 1989, Marge took on a recently-separated Bet Gilroy as a barmaid.

Briefing the former Rovers landlady before her first shift, Marge made sure she knew who was boss, instructing Bet in a patronising manner on keeping the pub clean and not being too familiar with the customers, dismissive of her years of experience at the Rovers due to the Flying Horse catering to a "different type of client". Just glad to be back working, Bet took the woman's thinly-veiled disdain on the nose.

A few days later, Alec Gilroy called at The Flying Horse to see Bet, only to be told by Marge that she'd sacked Bet for "forgetting she was just an employee". Shocked by Bet's dismissal, Alec became annoyed when Marge spoke about her disparagingly and offered him her sympathies on being married to her. Insisting on paying for a small Irish which had been on the house, Alec branded Marge a nasty-minded, two-faced gossip, and told her that his marriage was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to him. Later that day, Alec reconciled with Bet, finally accepting that she hadn't cheated on him with Paul Rigby, which was the cause of their split.

Marge was credited as "Flying Horse Landlady" in both of her appearances. Her first name was given in dialogue.
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