Maisie McDonald was the wife of Edward, mother of Jim and grandmother of Andy and Steve McDonald.

Jim and Liz took a holiday to visit Maisie in Ireland in August 1992. Steve was originally planned to accompany them but he decided to stay behind, in order to spend more time with Vicky Arden.

At the beginning of July 1996, during the midst of Jim and Liz's divorce proceedings, Liz was informed that Maisie had unexpectedly died of a heart attack in Belfast. Jim, Steve and Andy were devastated at her death, but Jim was taken aback when Liz refused to attend the funeral with him. Maisie left £4,250 to Jim in her will, with which he intended to buy No.11 from Liz in the divorce; in the end, Liz moved out and Jim moved in, meaning he didn't have to buy the house after all.

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