Maggie Veitch (sometimes credited as "Warder Veitch") was the cold, sadistic prison officer in charge of the wing of Redford Prison where Deirdre Rachid was housed after her wrongful imprisonment on fraud charges in March 1998. Veitch appeared to take a delight in tormenting her charges and found the disconsolate Deirdre an easy target. Among her actions was taking an ecstatic Deirdre to reception in the belief that she was off to a late-scheduled appeal when in fact no such hearing had been set and also withholding information that successful grounds for an appeal had been found, instead committing her to the prison hospital, heavily sedated. Veitch tried to goad Deirdre into physically attacking her on several occasions but Deirdre was helped by Jackie Dobbs who punched Veitch in the stomach on Deirdre's behalf.

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