Maggie Leeming (née Baker) was the first tenant of 5 Coronation Street in 1902. As far as the neighbours were concerned, mill workers Maggie and Jack Leeming were married but in fact they had only pretended to be wed so that they could get a house in Coronation Street.

Jack was two years older than Maggie and had lived next door to her in Victoria Street. Maggie hoped that he would propose to her but he had a high opinion of himself and enjoyed shocking people - he wanted her to have a baby so that they could come clean with the neighbours and enjoy their reaction. In 1904, Maggie got tired of waiting for Jack and returned to her parents. Jack moved back to his old house in Victoria Street and resumed his sexual relationship with his younger sister Vicky.

Maggie first appeared in Daran Little and Bill Hill's "Weatherfield Life", published in 1992. Other information is derived from Little's follow-up book, "Around the Coronation Street Houses".
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