Madonna Grimes was a tarty and talkative young girl whose path crossed that of Street residents on several occasions.

In late 2002, Richard Hillman, up to his eyes in debt and his business interests failing, concocted a plan to convince everyone that mother-in-law Audrey Roberts was entering senility and then kill her in a fire in her house which would be put down to an accidental death and her estate would be paid to daughter Gail. To this end, he copied her house keys and entered it on several occasions, moving items round, putting washing out which had been left in the machine, leaving the radio on, etc. One of his ploys was to steal a dress that Audrey had left out and deposit it at a dry-cleaners, putting the receipt in her purse a short period later. When Audrey found the receipt, she and friend Archie Shuttleworth visited the dry-cleaners on Moxton Street where, to her amazement, the missing dress was found, supposedly left by her. She questioned Madonna who served in the shop and asked her if she remembered her calling in previously. Madonna garbled at length about her gran's seventieth birthday party as a possible place where they had met before. Archie managed to stop the flood of talk and get Madonna to admit that she was new to the shop.

The following April, Madonna was one of several candidates for the position for nanny to Ashley Peacock's baby son Joshua. She happily admitted to having no BTEC qualifications ("No, but I've got a friend who's got one!") and not really liking children but she'd manage somehow and that she wanted the job as anything was better than the dry-cleaners. Asked if she had any questions, she asked ghoulish questions about the murder of Maxine Peacock several months before. Needless to say, she was unsuccessful with her application.

A few weeks later, Madonna met Audrey again when she interviewed for a vacant position at the salon. She stated that she had now packed the dry-cleaners in as there were too many nutters coming in the shop wanting all manner of strange things cleaned. Again, her interview technique did not gain her the position.

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