Margaret "Madge" Mason was the daughter of Frank Mason, sister of May Hardman, aunt to Christine Appleby.

Madge had felt intimidated by May for most of their lives; when May asked her to stay at No. 13 while George Hardman was put into battle and May and Christine were evacuated to Blackpool, Madge had little choice but to agree. Madge had had a crush on George when May had first introduced him to the family, and as they spent several days alone before he was shipped out, her old feelings were rekindled. George also cared about her, and when he returned for a visit in Christmas 1939, they became lovers. They spent several days together, and George promised Madge that when war was over he would leave May and they could start start a new life together. They regularly corresponded until spring 1940, when Madge was killed in an air raid. She was standing outside and a piece of glass went through her heart, killing her before she could feel any pain. Ena Sharples saw to the body, and found the love letters from George, which Madge had kept in a pocket close to her heart. She comforted a desolate George upon his return visit, and promised him no one else would ever know of the love he and Madge had shared.

The information on this page comes from Daran Little's Coronation Street at War, set from 1939 to 1945.
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