Macclesfield is a town in Cheshire, England.

In April 1981, Elsie Tanner enjoyed a night out in Macclesfield with Wally Randle. Then by June 1987, Brian Tilsley had heard about a garage with accomodation there but his partner Liz Turnbull refused to move with him - accusing him of not wanting to leave his ex Gail, Nicky and Ivy. Liz explained that if Brian was to move to Macclesfield he would be going alone.

In October 1991, Deirdre Barlow accepted Mike Baldwin's invitation to a French restaurant in Macclesfield. Later in May 1995, Ken Barlow learnt from Fiona Middleton that Denise Osbourne was living in Macclesfield with their son Daniel and her new partner Brian Dunkley. Deirdre encouraged Ken to contact her otherwise he may never see his son again. In February 1996, Jim and Liz McDonald attended an army reunion in Macclesfield.

In August 2002, Mike attended a business meal with wholesaler Ron Rafferty alongside his plus one Audrey Roberts. In June 2015, Julie Carp attempted to get rid of Talisa Grady - who she thought was trying to steal her partner Dev Alahan - by suggesting a job in Macclesfield.

In March 2019, Robert Preston was forced to fire Tyler Jefferies from the Viaduct Bistro after he began wreaking havoc on the street. After Vicky Jefferies pleaded for Robert to give her son a second chance, he informed her that he had got Tyler a job at a restaurant in Macclesfield - and the Jefferies relocated there from Weatherfield. Later that year, Robert and Vicky began an affair behind his partner Michelle Connor's back - after he discovered that Vicky was pregnant. This meant that Robert needed to make regular secretive trips to Macclesfield, and come up with excuses to explain his absence.

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