Lynsay King (born January 1987 in Manchester) appeared on Coronation Street as Sarah Louise Platt (previously Tilsley) from February 1987 to October 1999, before the role was taken over by Tina O'Brien a few weeks later. Lynsay appeared in the role alongside her twin sister Leah until April 1987, however Leah died of cot death during the following month. Their parents decided that Lynsay could continue in the role after Leah's death.

In 2004 she appeared in the documentary The Kids from Coronation Street, and later admitted that she had left the programme because of the bullying she received at school. Although relieved at the time, she felt a sense of regret as the character's popularity rose. After leaving school she enrolled in a drama course at Manchester College of Arts and Technology, but did not complete it due to financial pressure.

She made a return to acting and appeared in a 2009 stage production of Lady Chatterley: Cyber Charades, although it appears to be her only credited role since this time.

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