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Lynne Fenwick was a colleague of Ivy Brennan's at Ingram's Textiles and Bettabuy supermarket.

In May 1991, the dark-haired woman was gossiping with Ivy about Jackie Ingram getting engaged to the factory's manager Mike Baldwin when the bride-to-be approached them to check on an order. When she spotted Jackie, Lynne tried to warn Ivy, who was oblivious to her presence due to a lorry standing between them. Continuing her diatribe, Ivy criticised Jackie for marrying Mike when her late husband Peter was hardly cold. Her comments resulted in Ivy being sacked by Jackie.

A month later, one of Ingram's biggest customers, Mellors, went bust, putting the factory at risk of following suit. Lynne visited Ivy to tell her the news and ask if there were any job vacancies at Bettabuy, where Ivy had recently gained employment. Ivy gave Lynne the details enabling her to apply and Lynne was hired, days after Ingram's was bought out therefore ending its period of financial uncertainty. After her successful interview at Bettabuy, Lynne met Ivy at the Rovers Return where she told her - and Phyllis Pearce - that Jackie and Mike's marriage had only lasted a week. Lynne had no regrets about changing jobs but was miffed about the Baldwins' split as the factory staff had put their money together to buy the couple a carriage clock.

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