Lyn Fulwood was a fellow prisoner and cell mate of Gail McIntyre's when she was remanded on bail at Redford Prison awaiting trial for the murder of her husband Joe.

Lyn showed initial hostility to Gail, telling her that she was sat in her chair in the recreation area and then, after telling her that she was only joking, further frightening her by saying that it was in fact the chair of a large, fearsome-looking woman stood nearby. Gail fled back to her cell to the sound of Lyn's raucous laughter.

Soon afterwards, Lyn was transferred to Gail's cell and, while not exactly becoming friends, the two developed a closer relationship. Gail was disappointed when Lyn was abruptly moved to another cell on 13th May 2010 and was replaced by ex-neighbour and murderesss Tracy Barlow.

One week later, the cell move was reversed after Tracy had set Gail up in a false confession but Lyn found Gail utterly despondent at her predicament, nevertheless Gail refused her offer for several women to push Tracy down a flight of stairs for the price of a phone card. During the trial she gave Gail her own sort of rough encouragement (while admitting that if Gail didn't stop repeating that she felt she'd let Joe down she would scream) that she was innocent. Between the evidence and the verdict she provided a more sympathetic shoulder to cry on when Gail was convinced that she would be sent down. After Gail had been found "not guilty", Lyn and some other prisoners ambushed Tracy into a cell and hospitalised her.

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