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Lydia Chambers was the PA at Underworld, mother to Finn and ex-fling of Adam Barlow.

Lydia first arrived as the PA of an Underworld client, attending a meeting with Sarah Barlow. Lydia later befriended Sarah, the two bonding as they had children in the same class - Finn and Harry. However, Sarah was horrified to realise that Lydia had history with her husband Adam - they had had a fling together some years ago where she became pregnant at the age of nineteen. She later launched a harassment campaign against the couple out of jealousy, breaking into their apartment and leaving gifts and threatening notes. She also made a hoax call stating that there was a weapon at Adam's office, Barlow Legal Services, causing the building to be raided by armed police and custom to be lost. However, Adam believed the person behind these actions was a man who had lost against his legal team in court. This, along with feigning friendship, allowed Lydia to get away with her actions without arousing suspicion.

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