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Luke Strong was a former friend of Paul Connor who ran his widow Carla's factory Underworld in 2009 while she was staying in Los Angeles. He had a relationship with Michelle Connor and Rosie Webster during his time staying in Weatherfield.

When Carla decided to return to the area, Luke stole £90,000 from Rosie before leaving for Rio de Janeiro.


Luke had met Carla Donovan when at secondary school and they had a romance. He was also friends with Carla's boyfriend and later husband Paul Connor. When Paul and Carla married, Luke lost contact with her and went on to run his own business.

After Carla left husband Tony Gordon to move to Los Angeles, she got in contact with Luke to get him to look after her 60% share of Underworld. He turned up in Coronation Street in February 2009, shocking Tony by revealing he now had seniority. Tony was angry when Luke didn't mention where Carla was, as she only contacted him to help run the business and nothing more. He made friends with Tom Kerrigan and Maria Connor after hearing about the death of Liam Connor, and expressed interest in buying their shares of Lad Rags, but they turned it down, saying they needed more time to think.

Although his relationship with Tony began to sour, the pair of them helped rescue Peter Barlow and his son Simon from a house fire at their flat 9a Rosamund Street. Despite getting the pair out, Luke went back into the burning building and retrieved Simon's pet rabbit Leanne.

Luke was interested in Carla's sister-in-law Michelle Connor and they began dating but she left the area to go on tour with a band for a few months. Luke turned his attention to Underworld PA Rosie Webster, who had received £150,000 compensation from John Stape for his kidnap of her. Michelle returned after being away a couple of months, causing him to dump Rosie and go back to Michelle. He later slept with Rosie and gave in to her charms, but was tricked when she phoned Michelle and invited her round to Luke's flat. An angry Michelle swiftly dumped him.

In October, Carla phoned to say she was returning, having found out Maria was engaged to Tony. Deciding to leave, Luke first turned to Rosie and her money and tricked her into thinking he would sell the shares of Underworld to her. She transferred £90,000 into his account. Luke made a getaway and left the Street to go to Rio de Janeiro. By the time Rosie realised his deceit, it was too late to stop the transfer and Luke was long gone.


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Background information

Promo of Craig Kelly as Luke Strong

Luke appeared between February and October 2009. News of the character's arrival first surfaced in November 2008 and it was revealed he was a new factory boss to replace Carla Gordon in order to accompany the actress Alison King's maternity leave from the programme.[1] No auditions were held for the part, instead Craig Kelly was offered the role by the producers.[2] Luke Strong made his on-screen debut on 20th February 2009, two weeks after the temporary departure of Carla.

In June 2009 it was reported that Kelly had quit the role, which came only four months after the character's debut.[3] Luke left the show four months later on 19th October 2009, the same episode which saw Carla's return, although the pair didn't share any scenes together.

First and last lines

"Tony Gordon?" (First line, upon arriving at Underworld)


"I just found a penny on the floor; it's good luck innit?" (Final line)


List of addresses

Address Duration
8 Victoria Court March 2009 to 19th October 2009
Rio de Janeiro October 2009 onwards

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Co-owner Underworld March 2009 to 19th October 2009

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