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Lucy Fallon (born 13th November 1995 in Blackpool) appeared in Coronation Street as Bethany Platt from March 2015 to March 2020, following the character's return from a seven year absence. She took over from twins Amy and Emily Walton who portrayed the character between 2000 and 2007.

Fallon had originally lost out on the role of Bethany to Katie Redford. However Redford was sacked days before filming began after it was revealed that she had lied about her age, claiming to be 19 when she was actually 25. Instead of running new auditions, producers hired Fallon who had previously been their second choice.

This was Lucy's first acting role; having previously had Saturday jobs in several retail outlets, including Next, New Look and Subway. Following in her older sisters' footsteps, Lucy took up drama and dance lessons as a toddler with the Barbara Jackson Theatre Arts Centre in Fleetwood. While her siblings eventually went off in different career directions, Lucy decided to pursue acting, studying performing arts at Blackpool Sixth Form College and applying for places on foundation courses at London-based drama schools, but training proved "too expensive". Instead of giving up, she decided to focus on going straight for the all-important auditions.