Lucy Barlow (née Richards) was a florist who Peter Barlow met while buying a bouquet for Shelley Unwin. Instantly attracted to her, an affair began. Lucy, unknown to Peter, hired Tracy Barlow at the flower shop, revealing later to Tracy that she was pregnant. When an unaware Tracy informed Peter that her employer was pregnant, Peter realised that the child was his. Peter married Lucy while he was engaged to Shelley, but promised Lucy that it was over with the Rovers landlady; however, Lucy kicked him out when she found out the truth. Her son, Simon, was born in early July 2003, but at first Lucy didn't want Peter to be involved with him. The final showdown came in the Rovers with Shelley meeting Lucy, who went on to show her wedding photographs.

Lucy tricked Peter into thinking that they had a future together, but in front of the pub regulars, she announced she was moving to Australia with their son. Peter resigned himself to the fact he would never know Simon, and left Weatherfield soon afterwards.

On 24th October 2008, Peter rang his father Ken from Portsmouth to inform him that Lucy had died from breast cancer. Peter returned to Weatherfield a few days later with son Simon. He revealed that Lucy's dying wish was for the five-year-old to be with his father.

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"Flippin' eck, that's all I need. Come on you stupid thing!" (First line, struggling to unlock her shop door)


"This is for Simon's sake. The other side of the world's hardly far enough but it's the best I can do. You know what really grieves me, Peter? I honestly did love you. We could've had the best life together... if only just for once you'd been a real man, instead of a sorry apology for one." (Final line)

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