Louise Hazell was a young mother who had a brief relationship with Steve McDonald in April 2005. It ended due to the influence of Tracy Barlow, the mother of Steve's child Amy.

Louise and Steve first met at the Red Rec where they got chatting on a bench while their children played together. Steve took Amy back the following day where he saw Louise again. Louise was looking for a taxi into Weatherfield town centre and Steve offered her a free ride from his firm Street Cars.

Steve was delighted when Louise left him a note in the taxi with her phone number on it and she agreed to go for a drink with him in the Rovers the following day.

Tracy became jealous of Steve's relationship and the amount of time that he was spending with Amy on their days out. When the pair went out for a drink on the night of Ken and Deirdre Barlow's wedding celebrations, Louise told Tracy that she needed to move on and leave Steve alone.

Steve and Louise planned to spend a day out alone before she left for Ireland but their plans were scuppered due to Tracy. Still emotional following the death of her father Ray, Tracy asked Steve if he could take Amy along for the day. Despite this, Louise enjoyed the day out and agreed to spend her last night in Weatherfield with Steve.

Louise returned to Weatherfield in June 2005 in order to visit her family and dropped by to visit Steve. Steve was delighted but his joy was short lived as Tracy arrived and threatened Louise, telling her to leave him alone.

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