Louise Clayton was a chirpy but outspoken papergirl at The Kabin who was promoted by Mavis Riley to be a full-time assistant after Rita Fairclough walked out on Len Fairclough, her marriage and her job in early 1980.

Louise was a bit of a tomboy, though she told Mavis that she didn’t like the term. She had been unable to find a job since leaving school and her parents were finding this hard financially. She was therefore delighted to be offered the job, especially as the salary was higher than the going rate at the employment exchange.

She and Mavis got on well, though the older woman did have a tendency to nag her. Louise was bright and made suggestions as to how they could improve the business, such as bringing a record player in to enable the customers to hear what was on offer before they made a purchase. Within a few hours though she was upset to hear that Rita and Len had made up and assumed that she no longer had a job. Despondency turned to delight though when Rita announced that she was retiring and Louise could stay on.

She soon made a mistake when she was conned by a Salesman into taking on a stock of pornographic magazines. Even though they sold moderately well, Len refused to have anything to do with such items and forced the man to take them back.

After a couple of months, Mavis fell ill and Rita stepped back into the shop to help. In doing so she realised that she had missed her old life and decided to return on a part-time “advising” basis but she and Louise clashed almost instantly. Louise walked out of her job, even though an annoyed Rita offered her an extra £1 a week to stay on. Louise’s furious father Jack stormed round to the shop, accusing Rita of sacking his daughter and threatened a tribunal. Rita stood her ground and father and daughter were sent on their way.

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