Lorraine Tindall was a young girl who worked at Jim's Cafe. Elsie Tanner employed her in late 1980 when Gail Tilsley left to have baby Nicky. Within a few weeks Elsie regretted her decision, moaning to Len Fairclough that she was cheeky, idle, tardy and always asking to leave early.

Lorraine was indeed as bad as Elsie said, standing in a sulky daydream as the orders were put before her and the customers yelled for their food. Binman Johnny Webb pointedly gave her a piece of advice: she had a fair pair of legs on her but she needed more than that to carry her through life. Lorraine didn't thank him for these words of wisdom and was as pointedly rude to Elsie when she upbraided her.

One person that Lorraine did have time for was good-looking lorry driver Kevin. He chatted her up and offered her a trip to Liverpool leaving at 6.00pm. Although her shift wasn't due to finish for half an hour after that time, Lorraine happily accepted the offer. When the evening came, Lorraine fetched her coat, giving Elsie the excuse that because she was early that morning, she was leaving early and she refused to stay one minute longer.

The next day, Lorraine didn't turn in and Elsie took her anger out on Kevin, suggesting that he go to her house and fetch her in herself if he wanted his breakfast but he refused, not wanting to cross her mother or their fierce dog again.

Lorraine turned up two hours late, complaining when Elsie docked her pay and claiming she was allergic to all the fat they used in the cooking. Later on the same day, Lorraine objected when Elsie sat down to chat to Johnny Webb who was asking if she'd take him on as a lodger. Lorraine accused her of hypocrisy for chatting to fellers herself and being jealous because she got the young ones. At that point, Elsie lost her patience and sacked her. Johnny's niece, Sandra Webb, was employed in her place.

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