Lorraine Brownlow, (initially credited as Horrocks), was Natalie Horrocks' niece, who with her night school diploma in computing (gained at the second attempt), single-handedly sorted out the Garage spreadsheets. However, she was far more interested in Chris Collins' figure...

She returned in July 1998, (with the surname of Brownlow), as a new barmaid in the Rovers after Natalie's recommendation. Behind the Rovers bar her eyes soon fell upon Spider Nugent. She was still studying - following an ACCESS course at Weatherfield College.

First and last linesEdit

"Oh yeah, night school diploma? Second attempt? Watch out Bill Gates!" (First line, to Chris Collins)


"You're a hard-faced, ungrateful witch... and a user. Stick yer poxy pub!" (Final line, to Natalie Barnes)

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