Lorna Smeaton was an old friend of Audrey Fleming's who she stayed with in May 1970 when she had left Dickie after her affair with Ray Langton.

Audrey arrived with her suitcase and asked to stay with her. Lorna agreed, provided her husband, Chris, approved. She later called on Dickie at home and told him where he could find Audrey and that his wife had got off the train from Preston at Bolton when she was supposed to be arriving back in Manchester and got the bus to her house. Ena Sharples told Dickie to go round to Audrey's house and fetch her home.

The next day, back at Lorna's house, Audrey was told that Chris's view was that she should be given a good hiding and sent back home. Lorna told Audrey she shouldn't burn her boats with Dickie and accused her of running away from the thought of Ray getting married to Sandra Butler. Dickie called round and begged Audrey to come home but she refused.

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