Lorna Ferguson was a short-term girlfriend of Eddie Yeats. How the two met was never made clear but when Hilda Ogden was on a trade exchange trip for Baldwin's Casuals in France, Eddie asked Stan if he could vacate 13 Coronation Street for the evening to give him and Lorna some time together. Stan obliged but also received the princely sum of £3 from Fred Gee in order that he could also bring a lady-friend home for the evening. Eddie saw them off but was soon interrupted again by a drunken Stan coming back from the pub.

Lorna, described by Stan as “very understanding” also cleaned up No.13 prior to Hilda’s arrival back home but the good deed backfired when Hilda was instantly suspicious that Clara Regan from Inkerman Street had been round. When she found out about the financial arrangements for bringing women into the house, her puritanical streak was outraged until she met Lorna and realised that she “looked very respectable”. Lorna lived at home with her parents and another sibling and their grandmother had recently moved in with them. Hilda found this out while chatting happily with Lorna and her approval was sealed when she told her she worked in the hospital kitchens and knew Emily Bishop.

A few weeks later, Eddie told Betty Turpin that Lorna's father had been made redundant but had managed to get another job in Sutton Coldfield and the entire family had moved down to the Midlands.

Lorna was played by Annie Hulley who returned to the programme between 1999 and 2000 in the regular role of Gwen Davies.

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