Longsight is an inner city area of Manchester. Located some three miles south of the city centre, it was known as Grindlow Marsh before it was incorporated into the City of Manchester in 1890. For most of its existence, it was populated by large amounts of terraced housing until the 1960s and 1970s when the poorer stock was demolished and more modern housing put up in its place though many of the better terraced streets still remain. One notorious resident of Longsight in the 1960s was Moors Murderer Ian Brady and it was from the streets of the area that his third victim Keith Bennett was snatched on 12th June 1964.

Within the Coronation Street storylines, Jacko Ford was taken in for questioning in July 1972 after a break-in at a jewellers in the district though he was soon released when the real culprit was caught.