Lois Fairhurst was a friend of Sally Seddon's who Sally tried to set up with Curly Watts for Peter and Susan Barlow's 21st birthday party in March 1986. Curly never got to meet Lois as she cried off with a cold.

In October of that year, Lois picked out Sally's dress for her wedding to Kevin Webster and accompanied the bride to Weatherfield Register Office in the taxi. She enjoyed dressing up for the wedding and causing a stir on the bus. Lois and Curly paired off at the reception and Curly later took Lois out on a date to the pictures. Lois also went to a New Year's Eve party thrown by Kevin and Sally at 13 Coronation Street.

Lois was mentioned in Episode 9552 (5th September 2018), when Paula Martin expressed surprise that Sally had described her to Sophie Webster as her "best friend" from school, believing that title had belonged to Lois. Keen to ingratiate herself with Paula, Sally insisted she merely put up with Lois.

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