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Llandudno is a coastal town in North Wales. With a population of some 21,000 people, it is the largest seaside resort in the principality.

The residents of Coronation Street enjoyed a Whit Monday picnic outing to Llandudno in 1960 though Ena Sharples refused to consider a return trip the following year and Blackpool became the resort of choice instead. Maggie and Gordon Clegg went for a week's holiday there in June 1968 leaving Ena in charge of the corner shop. In September 1969, Hilda Ogden insisted that Stan take her to the town for the day but he "accidentally" tripped over a roller skate left in the street and spent their leisure hours sat outside the Rovers Return Inn instead with Hilda in a sulk.

Irma Ogden fell ill in September 1971 and convalesced in the resort. Although she returned to Weatherfield for a few months, she upped sticks without any notice and made the town her home, selling her interest in the corner shop and eventually moving to Canada some years later. In September 1973, Emily Bishop organised a draw for free OAP holidays in Llandudno, donated by landladies in that area. The three winning tickets were won by Ena, Albert Tatlock and Mrs Toft. Ena ended up returning a week early, claiming she had had enough of Albert but in reality she had suffered a mild heart attack and came home to both ensure her job and to die in the street if the worst came to the worst. Vera Duckworth had a work's trip to the resort at some point in the 1970s when she bought a ring for herself. She lost it in the Rovers in November 1979 but Hilda found it and was disappointed when it was claimed back as Eddie Yeats had had it valued at £10.

Maud Grimes enjoyed a week's holiday in Llandudno in September 1996.

Tracy Barlow and Luke Britton had a weekend in the town in January 2017. In October 2019, Chesney Brown and a heavily pregnant Gemma Winter travelled to the town for a day trip and took a ride in the cable cars at the Great Orme headland. However, Gemma ended up going into labour prematurely and eventually gave birth to quads Aled, Bryn, Carys and Llio Winter-Brown, recuperating afterwards at the town's Saint Tudno Hospital while the babies were placed in incubators.

Background information

Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter at the Great Orme headland

Llandudno has been used for location recording only once for Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter's trip there in Episode 9910 and Episode 9911 (30th October 2019) when she started giving birth to the quads. These scenes were partially recorded in the Great Orme cablecar and utilised, in part, remote control cameras as it was not possible for a film crew to fit inside a car with the actors.