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Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hewitt (née Harding) was a bus conductor colleague of Harry Hewitt. An orphan since her parents had been killed during the Second World War, Lizzie found she had much in common with Harry who was similarly single and living alone. The pair married in 1948, and their daughter Lucille was born the following year.

Lizzie was a warm, affectionate mother who took pride in her daughter and looked after her well.

Lizzie was killed in January 1959 when a bus skidded on ice and ploughed into Lizzie, killing her instantly. She was in Rosamund Street at the time, and her death was reported to Harry by Ena Sharples, though Harry instantly knew why she was there. He had been at the bus depot when the driver returned and had heard what happened.

The image of the character is taken from a view of Harry Hewitt's wedding photograph that Concepta Hewitt finds in Episode 90 (23rd October 1961).