A list of weddings which have featured in Coronation Street storylines since 1960.


No Bride Groom Best man Bridesmaid Ceremony Honeymoon Date
1 Joan Walker Gordon Davies Unknown Unknown St. Thomas's CE Unknown 13th March 1961
2 Concepta Riley Harry Hewitt Len Fairclough Lucille Hewitt St. Theresa's RC Isle of Man 2nd October 1961
3 Christine Hardman Colin Appleby None None Registry Office London 20th June 1962
4 Valerie Tatlock Ken Barlow Michael Lucille Hewitt St. Mary's CE London 1st August 1962
5 Myra Dickinson Jerry Booth Dennis Tanner Two - names unknown St. Paul's CE Torquay 23rd October 1963
6 Irma Ogden David Barlow None - Johnny and Steve were witnesses None Ridgeway Road Registry Office Blackpool 8th December 1965
7 Elsie Tanner Steve Tanner Gregg Flint Linda Cheveski St. Stephen's CE Lisbon 6th September 1967
8 Jenny Sutton Dennis Tanner Jerry Booth None Register Office None 29th May 1968
9 Audrey Bright Dickie Fleming None None Gretna Green None July 1968
10 Elsie Tanner Alan Howard None - Len Fairclough and Bet Lynch were witnesses None Register Office Paris 22nd July 1970
11 Emily Nugent Ernest Bishop Ken Barlow Lucille Hewitt
Bet Lynch
Mawdsley Street Chapel Edale 5th April 1972
12 Janet Reid Ken Barlow None None Register Office in Keswick None 29th October 1973
13 Maggie Clegg Ron Cooke Sidney Wilson Betty Turpin St. Mary's CE Zaire 10th July 1974
14 Deirdre Hunt Ray Langton Len Fairclough None Weatherfield Register Office None 7th July 1975
15 Rita Littlewood Len Fairclough Alf Roberts Mavis Riley St. Mary's CE Tenerife 20th April 1977
16 Renee Bradshaw Alf Roberts Len Fairclough Bet Lynch Weatherfield Register Office Capri 20th March 1978
17 Gail Potter Brian Tilsley Andy Rowlands Suzie Birchall St. Boniface RC Isle of Man 20th November 1979
18 Emily Bishop Arnold Swain Sid Clarke Tracy Langton Weatherfield Register Office Isle of Wight 10th September 1980
19 Eunice Nuttall Fred Gee Alf Roberts Debbie Nuttall Weatherfield Register Office Rhyl 13th May 1981
20 Deirdre Langton Ken Barlow Len Fairclough Tracy Langton
Susan Barlow
All Saints CE Corfu 27th July 1981
21 Marion Willis Eddie Yeats Norris Stephens Elsie Tanner All Saints CE Benidorm 31st October 1983
22 Elaine Prior Bill Webster None None Weatherfield Register Office Unknown 9th January 1985
23 Audrey Potter Alf Roberts Mike Baldwin Gail Tilsley Weatherfield Register Office Paris 23rd December 1985
24 Susan Barlow Mike Baldwin Don Lester Tracy Barlow
Jessica Midgeley
St. Mary's CE Unknown 14th May 1986
25 Sally Seddon Kevin Webster Terry Duckworth Unknown Weatherfield Register Office None 8th October 1986
26 Bet Lynch Alec Gilroy Charles Halliday Gloria Todd All Saints CE Unknown 9th September 1987
27 Gail Tilsley Brian Tilsley None None Weatherfield Register Office None 24th February 1988
28 Ivy Tilsley Don Brennan Jack Duckworth Gail Tilsley
Sarah Louise Tilsley
St. Luke's RC Corfu 13th June 1988
29 Mavis Riley Derek Wilton Percy Sugden Rita Fairclough Weatherfield Register Office Paris 9th November 1988
30 Steph Jones Des Barnes Unknown Unknown Register Office Majorca 12th February 1990
31 Jessica Midgeley Peter Barlow Unknown Unknown Portsmouth Unknown 8th August 1990
32 Jackie Ingram Mike Baldwin Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Unknown 5th July 1991
33 Gail Tilsley Martin Platt Kevin Webster Alma Sedgewick Weatherfield Register Office Abersoch 27th September 1991
34 Lisa Horton Terry Duckworth Curly Watts Unknown St. Mary's CE None 27th May 1992
35 Rita Fairclough Ted Sullivan None None Weatherfield Register Office Cotswolds 5th June 1992
36 Alma Sedgewick Mike Baldwin Alec Gilroy Audrey Roberts Weatherfield Register Office Spain 19th June 1992
37 Olive Clarke Edwin Turner Unknown Unknown St. Saviour's Unknown 29th September 1993
38 Maureen Naylor Reg Holdsworth Eric Firman Unknown St. Christopher's Lake District 26th January 1994
39 Deirdre Barlow Samir Rachid Omar Bemmani Liz McDonald Weatherfield Register Office None 25th November 1994
40 Vicky Arden Steve McDonald None None St. Lucia None 9th August 1995
41 Betty Turpin Billy Williams Archie Wardle Raquel Wolstenhulme St. Mary's Torquay 20th October 1995
42 Raquel Wolstenhulme Curly Watts None None Weatherfield Register Office QE2 cruise 8th December 1995
43 Angela Hawthorne Norris Cole Derek Wilton Unknown Unknown Unknown 29th December 1995
44 Tracy Barlow Robert Preston Paul Davies Unknown Weatherfield Register Office None 13th November 1996
45 Maureen Holdsworth Fred Elliott Ashley Peacock None Weatherfield Register Office Unknown 22nd September 1997
46 Leanne Battersby Nick Tilsley None None Kirkcudbright Register Office None 30th January 1998
47 Natalie Horrocks Des Barnes Les Battersby Lorraine Brownlow Weatherfield Register Office Unknown 23rd October 1998
48 Maxine Heavey Ashley Peacock Gary Mallett Melanie Tindel St. Christopher's Caribbean 24th September 1999
49 Sharon Gaskell Ian Bentley None None Weatherfield Register Office Unknown 1st November 1999
50 Alison Wakefield Kevin Webster Jim McDonald Rosie and Sophie Webster Weatherfield Register Office Lake District 23rd January 2000
51 Linda Sykes Mike Baldwin Roy Cropper Geena Gregory De Lisle House Unknown 10th September 2000
52 Liz McDonald Jim McDonald None None Strangeways Jail None 30th November 2000
53 Emma Taylor Curly Watts Ashley Peacock Alice Watts All Saints CE New York 24th December 2000
54 Karen Phillips Steve McDonald Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Miami 30th May 2001
55 Eve Sykes Fred Elliott Unknown None Paisley Bridge Hotel Venice 5th September 2001
56 Gail Platt Richard Hillman Roger Hinde Sarah Platt Aston Manor Florida 28th July 2002
57 Sally Webster Kevin Webster Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office None 9th December 2002
58 Lucy Richards Peter Barlow Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office None 24th March 2003
59 Shelley Unwin Peter Barlow Ken Barlow Tracy Barlow St. Christopher's Unknown 20th July 2003
60 Tracy Barlow Roy Cropper None None Weatherfield Register Office None 17th November 2003
61 Karen McDonald Steve McDonald Andy McDonald Janice Battersby
Fiz Brown
Hayley Cropper
Walcot Manor Unknown 18th February 2004
62 Sunita Parekh Dev Alahan Mike Baldwin Shelley Unwin Hindu Temple None 25th October 2004
63 Claire Casey Ashley Peacock Fred Elliott
Tyrone Dobbs
Martin Platt
Candice Stowe
Maria Sutherland
Fiz Brown
St. Christopher's Paris 25th December 2004
64 Deirdre Rachid Ken Barlow Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Corfu 8th April 2005
65 Cilla Brown Les Battersby Kirk Sutherland Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Magaluf 27th November 2005
66 Sarah Platt Jason Grimshaw Todd Grimshaw Maria Sutherland
Bethany Platt
St. Christopher's Lake District 31st October 2007
67 Liz McDonald Vernon Tomlin Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Nashville 31st December 2007
68 Maria Sutherland Liam Connor Ryan Connor Fiz Brown Douglas Hall Hotel Unknown 11th February 2008
69 Carla Connor Tony Gordon Pat Gordon Leanne Battersby Hotel Unknown 3rd December 2008
70 Molly Compton Tyrone Dobbs Kirk Sutherland Pam Hobsworth
Amber Kalirai
St. Mark's Blackpool 12th January 2009
71 Becky Granger Steve McDonald Lloyd Mullaney Hayley Cropper Weatherfield Register Office Spetses 14th August 2009
72 Fiz Brown John Stape Unknown Unknown Highfield Prison None 28th September 2009
73 Gail Platt Joe McIntyre Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Lake Windermere 8th January 2010
74 Hayley Cropper Roy Cropper John Stape Fiz Stape
Becky McDonald
Shawbrooke Country House Hotel Unknown 30th August 2010
75 Leanne Battersby Peter Barlow None None Weatherfield General Unknown 9th December 2010
76 Xin Chiang Graeme Proctor None None Weatherfield Register Office None 8th April 2011
77 Kylie Turner David Platt None None Weatherfield Register Office Tenerife 8th April 2011
78 Tracy Barlow Steve McDonald Dev Alahan Amy Barlow St. James's None 23rd January 2012
79 Rita Sullivan Dennis Tanner Ken Barlow Tina McIntyre Weatherfield Register Office Cruise Ship 4th June 2012
80 Leanne Barlow Nick Tilsley David Platt None Dalebrook Hall Paris 11th January 2013
81 Stella Price Karl Munro Tez Eva Price Weatherfield Register Office None 11th September 2013
82 Carla Connor Peter Barlow Steve McDonald Michelle Connor Unknown Bali 4th December 2013
83 Beth Tinker Kirk Sutherland Chesney Brown Tracy Barlow
Sinead Tinker
Maria Connor
Weatherfield Register Office Cyprus 9th January 2015
84 Gail McIntyre Michael Rodwell Andy Carver None Weatherfield Register Office Costa Brava 24th April 2015
85 Michelle Connor Steve McDonald Eileen Grimshaw (standing in for an absent Lloyd Mullaney) Amy Barlow Weatherfield Register Office Spain 26th May 2015
86 Sally Webster Tim Metcalfe Kevin Webster Sophie Webster
Faye Windass
Nick's Bistro Unknown 5th October 2015
87 Carla Connor Nick Tilsley David Platt Michelle Connor
Kate Connor
Nick's Bistro None 24th May 2016
88 Rana Habeeb Zeedan Nazir None None Ajeebah Banqueting Hall and Restaurant None 30th November 2016
89 Eileen Grimshaw Pat Phelan None None Weatherfield Register Office None 20th January 2017
90 Mary Taylor Norris Cole None None Weatherfield Register Office None 25th August 2017
91 Jenny Bradley Johnny Connor None None Weatherfield General None 20th September 2017
92 Tracy Barlow Steve McDonald Dev Alahan Abi Franklin Chariot Square Hotel Morocco 8th October 2018
93 Sinead Tinker Daniel Osbourne None None Weatherfield Register Office None 9th September 2019
94 Shona Ramsey David Platt Nick Tilsley None Viaduct Bistro None 7th November 2019
95 Yasmeen Nazir Geoff Metcalfe None None Las Vegas Las Vegas November 2019

Failed weddings/jiltings

No Bride Groom Best man Bridesmaid Ceremony Circumstances Date
1 Emily Nugent Leonard Swindley Len Fairclough Lucille Hewitt Glad Tidings Mission Hall Emily realised she didn't love Swindley 15th July 1964
2 Alice Pickins Albert Tatlock Ken Barlow Unknown Unknown Vicar didn't show up 1st September 1969
3 Mavis Riley Derek Wilton Carl Stanton Rita Fairclough All Saints' CE Mavis and Derek jilted each other 26th September 1984
4 Rita Fairclough Alan Bradley None None Weatherfield Register Office Rita refused to go through with it 5th August 1987
5 Vicky Arden Steve McDonald Andy McDonald None Weatherfield Register Office Vicky decided to marry in church 5th July 1995
6 Fiona Middleton Alan McKenna Dave O'Grady Maxine Heavey St. Luke's RC Alan found out that Fiona had been unfaithful 7th November 1997
7 Sharon Gaskell Ian Bentley Tim Woods Sally Webster St. Mary's CE Sharon found out that Ian had been unfaithful 7th March 1999
8 Hayley Patterson Roy Cropper Martin Platt Toyah Battersby Roy's Rolls Union not recognised by law 23rd April 1999
9 Sally Webster Danny Hargreaves Kieran Hargreaves Rosie and Sophie Webster Weatherfield Register Office Danny refused to go through with it after Sally confessed to sleeping with ex-husband Kevin 15th April 2001
10 Bet Lynch Cecil Newton Unknown Unknown Blackpool Cecil died before the ceremony 28th November 2003
11 Sunita Parekh Ciaran McCarthy Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Sunita found out that Ciaran didn't want to marry her 29th December 2003
12 Deirdre Rachid Ken Barlow Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Ceremony was abandoned when Amy Barlow was involved in an accident 2nd March 2005
13 Shelley Unwin Charlie Stubbs Jason Grimshaw Unknown St. Christopher's Shelley refused to go through with it 19th September 2005
14 Cilla Brown Les Battersby Billy Brown Unknown St. Jude's Vicar wasn't registered 31st October 2005
15 Sarah Platt Jason Grimshaw Charlie Stubbs Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Jason ran off 14th August 2006
16 Bev Unwin Fred Elliott Ashley Peacock Claire Peacock St. Christopher's Fred died before making it to the church 9th October 2006
17 Becky Granger Steve McDonald Unknown Unknown Weatherfield Register Office Registrar refused to perform the ceremony as Becky was drunk 13th March 2009
18 Sophie Webster
Sian Powers
N/A None Amber Kalirai and Rosie Webster Hale Chapel Sophie couldn't say her vows. Sian later found out that Sophie had feelings for Amber and they had shared a kiss 29th December 2011
19 Leanne Barlow Nick Tilsley David Platt Eva Price Dalebrook Hall Eva told the wedding party and guests that Leanne had visited with ex-husband Peter on the morning of the wedding 25th December 2012
20 Kirsty Soames Tyrone Dobbs Kirk Sutherland Julie Carp Grawley Lane Chapel Kirsty found out that Tyrone had been surreptitiously calling and texting Fiz Stape. She exposed their affair at the ceremony as she dialled the number stored in his "secret" mobile phone 21st January 2013
21 Tracy Barlow Rob Donovan Carla Barlow Amy Barlow Farnhaven Hall Hotel Prior to the ceremony taking place, Rob learned that sister Carla had notified the police of his confession to brutally attacking Tina McIntyre. The groom subsequently did a runner from the venue before officers arrived 31st October 2014
22 Gail McIntyre Michael Rodwell Andy Carver (aka Gavin Rodwell) None Weatherfield Register Office Gail arrived late after she encountered the real Gavin Rodwell who blackmailed her to avoid Michael, with his heart problem, finding out that Andy Carver was not his son 9th March 2015
23 Cathy Matthews Roy Cropper Alex Warner Hope Stape and Ruby Dobbs Unknown church Cathy heard a tape on which Roy had been accidentally recorded admitting that he didn't really want to marry her 12th December 2016
24 Eva Price Aidan Connor Kate Connor Toyah Battersby Coleridge Manor Hotel Maria Connor interrupted the couple exchanging vows and informed everyone that Eva had been faking her pregnancy 18th September 2017
25 Sinead Tinker Chesney Brown Kirk Sutherland None Weatherfield Register Office Chesney refused to go through with it, stating that he couldn't marry someone who would eventually leave him and son Joseph. 12th January 2018
26 Michelle Connor Robert Preston Daniel Osbourne Carla Connor Viaduct Bistro Pat Phelan shot Michelle after briefly holding her hostage. The bride opted to postpone the wedding. 1st June 2018
27 Sinead Tinker Daniel Osbourne None None Victoria Gardens Union not recognised by law 10th October 2018
28 Michelle Connor Robert Preston Ryan Connor and Ali Neeson None St. Mary's CE Michelle exposed Robert's affair to the congregation by reading out text messages that Vicky Jefferies had sent to him, and confirmed that he was also the father of Vicky's unborn child. 4th December 2019

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