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The below is list of all Coronation Street characters who were seen in the show on a regular basis when it began in 1960. Sorted by departure date, with the most recent first. William Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, was the only cast member to remain at the time of the show's 50th Anniversary in 2010. In May 2011, Philip Lowrie returned in the role of Dennis Tanner, meaning Ken was not the only original character in the series. Ken became the only original character again when Lowrie left the show in July 2014.

Although Arthur Lowe left the series in 1965, he continued in the role of Leonard Swindley in spin-offs Pardon the Expression and Turn out the Lights.

Of the original cast, William Roache, Alan Rothwell, Philip Lowrie, Ernst Walder and Anne Cunningham are still alive as of 2019.


Character Actor Year of departure
Ken Barlow
Ken 1960
William RoacheOngoing 
Dennis Tanner
Philip Lowrie2014
Albert Tatlock
Albert 1960
Jack Howarth1984
Elsie Tanner
Elsie 1960
Patricia Phoenix1984
Annie Walker
Annie 1960
Doris Speed1983
Ena Sharples
Ena 1960
Violet Carson1980
Minnie Caldwell
Minnie 1967
Margot Bryant1976
Lucille Hewitt
Lucille hewitt 1960
Jennifer Moss1974
Jack Walker
Jack 1960
Arthur Leslie1970
David Barlow
David barlow 1960
Alan Rothwell1968
Leonard Swindley
Swindley 1960
Arthur Lowe1965
Florrie Lindley
Florrie 1960
Betty Alberge1965
Concepta Riley
Concepta 1960
Doreen Keogh1964 (recurring until 1975)
Harry Hewitt
Harry 1960
Ivan Beavis1964 (recurring until 1967)
Frank Barlow
Frank barlow 1960
Frank Pemberton1964 (recurring until 1971)
Martha Longhurst
Martha 1960
Lynne Carol1964
Christine Hardman
Christine hardman 1960
Christine Hargreaves1963
Esther Hayes
Esther hayes
Daphne Oxenford1962 (recurring until 1972)
Linda Cheveski
Linda cheveski 1960
Anne Cunningham1961 (recurring until 1984)
Ivan Cheveski
Ivan cheveski 1960
Ernst Walder1961 (recurring until 1967)
Ida Barlow
Ida barlow 1960
Noel Dyson1961

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