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|23||[[Vernon Tomlin]]||2007–2008
|23||[[Vernon Tomlin]]||2007–2008
|24||[[Karl Munro]]||2011–2012
|24||[[Karl Munro]]||2011–2012, 2013-
|25||[[Lewis Archer]]||2012
|25||[[Lewis Archer]]||2012

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A list of all staff who have been employed at the Rovers Return Inn since 1960, and all licensees and landlords since the pub first opened in 1902.


No Name Duration
1Jim Corbishley1902–1919
2George Diggins1919–1937
3Jack Walker1937–1970
4Annie Walker1970–1984
5Billy Walker1984–1985
6Bet Lynch1985–1987, 1992–1995
7Alec Gilroy1987–1992
8Vera Duckworth1995–1998
9Natalie Barnes1998–2001
10Duggie Ferguson2001–2002
11Eve Elliott2002
12Fred Elliott2002–2006
13Liz McDonald2006–2011*
14Stella Price2011—

*For a short while after Liz left there was no legal licensee, hence Steve was running it against the law until he brought in Stella.


Name(s) Duration
Jim and Nellie Corbishley1902–1919
George and Mary Diggins1919–1937
Jack and Annie Walker1937–1970
Annie Walker1970–1984
Billy Walker1984
Bet Lynch (later Gilroy)1985–1987, 1992–1995
Bet and Alec Gilroy1987–1992
Jack and Vera Duckworth1995–1997
Jack and Vera Duckworth and Alec Gilroy1997–1998
Natalie Barnes1998–2000
Mike Baldwin, Fred Elliott and Duggie Ferguson2000–2001
Duggie Ferguson2001
Eve Elliott2001–2002
Fred Elliott2002–2006
Liz and Steve McDonald2006–2011
Steve McDonald 2011–2012
Stella Price 2012–2013
Stella and Gloria Price 2013—

Temporary managers

Name Duration
Vince Plummer1961
Brenda Riley1966
Billy Walker1972–1973
Glyn Thomas1973
Gordon Lewis1981, 1984, 1984–1985
Fred Gee1984
Frank Harvey1984, 1985
Liz McDonald1993, 2000–2001
Rodney Bostock1995
Jim McDonald2000
Linda Baldwin2001
Lillian Spencer2002



No Name Duration
1Concepta Riley1960–1962
2Nona Willis1961
3Doreen Lostock1961
4Irma Ogden1964
5Emily Nugent1968
6Lucille Hewitt1960s–1970s
7Betty Turpin/Williams1969–2012
8Bet Lynch/Gilroy1970–1995
9Blanche Hunt1974
10Gail Potter1976
11Dawn Perks1977
12Arlene Jones1980
13Carole Fairbanks1981
14Diana Hawkins1981
15Suzie Birchall1983
16Kathy Goodwin1984
17Maureen Barnett1985
18Gloria Todd1985–1988
19Sally Seddon1986
20Alison Dougherty1986
21Margo Richardson1987
22Tina Fowler1989–1990
23Liz McDonald1990–1996, 2004–2010
24Angie Freeman1990
25Raquel Wolstenhulme1991–1996
26Tanya Pooley1993–1994
27Jenny Bradley1993
28Carol Starkey1995
29Lorraine Ramsden1995
30Tricia Armstrong1995–1997
31Joyce Smedley1996
32Judy Mallett1996–1999
33Samantha Failsworth1996–1998
34Natalie Barnes1997–2000
35Lorraine Brownlow1998–1999
36Leanne Battersby1999–2000, 2008
37Amy Goskirke2000
38Toyah Battersby2000–2001
39Geena Gregory2000–2002
40Shelley Unwin2001–2006
41Edna Miller2001
42Eve Elliott2001
43Linda Baldwin2001
44Maria Sutherland2002–2003
45Tracy Barlow2003, 2011
46Bev Unwin2003–2004, 2005–2006
47Violet Wilson2004–2008
48Michelle Connor2006–2009, 2009–2010
49Lauren Wilson2007–2008
50Becky Granger/McDonald2008–2011
51Kelly Crabtree2008
52Poppy Morales2008–2009
53Tina McIntyre2010—
54Eva Price 2011—
55Sunita Alahan2012
56Gloria Price 2012—

Barmen and potmen

No Name Duration
1Ivan Cheveski1961
2Sam Leach1962
3Jacko Ford1972
4Terry Bradshaw1976
5Fred Gee1976–1984
6Wilf Starkey1985
7Frank Mills1985–1986
8Jack Duckworth1985, 1986–1999, 2001–2002
9Charlie Bracewell1989
10Bill Webster1995
11Andy McDonald1995–1996
12Sandy Hunter1998
13Martin Platt1999
14Gary Mallett1999
15Spider Nugent1999
16Vinny Sorrell1999–2000
17Jim McDonald2000
18Peter Barlow2001
19Timothy Spencer2002
20Harry Flagg2002–2003
21Ciaran McCarthy2003–2005, 2010–2011
22Sean Tully2005—
23Vernon Tomlin2007–2008
24Karl Munro2011–2012, 2013-
25Lewis Archer2012
26Jason Grimshaw2013


No Name Duration
1Betty Williams1969–2012
2Sean Tully2012
3Mandy Kamara2012—


No Name Duration
1Martha Longhurst1963–1964
2Hilda Ogden1964–1987
3Clara Midgeley1966
4Amy Burton1987–1988
5Sandra Stubbs1988
6Joyce Smedley1996–1997
7Tricia Armstrong1997
8Vera Duckworth1999–2000
9Edna Miller2000–2001
10Harry Flagg2002–2004
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