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Linda Lindsay was the unsuspecting wife of Jon Lindsay. Jon had led Linda to believe that he was away on business when in reality he was spending his spare time with Deirdre Rachid; Linda wished that he could spend more time at home with her and the children. When she found £5,000 in Jon's bank account, he told her it was his bonus and available for them both to spend (Deirdre had actually given Jon this money as a deposit for a house).

Jon's web of deceit spread even wider when Linda went to Sunliners to book a family holiday. Although employee Deirdre just thought it was a coincidence that the woman was married to a "Jon Lindsay", he didn't want the two women to wise up to his dealings, he covered his tracks by asking Linda to cancel the holiday because of his "working commitments" and continued to split his spare time between the two of them.

Even though Linda finally discovered exactly what lengths her husband has been prepared to go to, she still stood by him.

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