Lillian "Lily" Haddon (née Longhurst) was the often-mentioned daughter of Percy and Martha Longhurst. To her friends and neighbours, Martha put on a front of being very proud of Lily and her successful husband Wilf, but Lily rarely visited Martha and only had interest in her if Martha could babysit for the grandchildren. When Martha died in 1964, Ena Sharples berated Lily for being a bad daughter.

Lily's birth coincided with a deterioration in her parents' marriage and as she grew up she wondered if she had been the cause. Percy had always had an eye for the ladies and he openly womanised, even going so far as to take his lady friends on trips away causing much scandal in the neighbourhood. A young Lily would sit on the stairs at 7 Mawdsley Street while Martha and Percy conducted their rows almost on a nightly basis. She grew into being a wilful young woman, and able to convince her father into letting her do what her mother and mother's friends disapproved of, such as working in a department store as a mannequin and model. Lily began a sexual relationship with Tom Hayes, which she did not especially enjoy, but was happy that he gave her gifts and said she was his girlfriend. One night Ena's daughter Vera Lomax caught them together and Tom attacked Vera, causing her to hit her head. Tom and a reluctant Lily fled the scene. When the truth emerged, Lily apologised for her actions.

After Percy's death in 1946, Lily and Martha weren't any happier in each other's company although Lily thought her mother did love her in her own unusual way.

Lily appeared in the book "Coronation Street at War", written by Daran Little and Christine Green, set from 1939 to 1943..
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