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Liam Shepherd was a young thug who caused trouble at the amusement arcade where Judy Mallett worked. He was also the boyfriend of Zoe Tattersall and the father of their deceased baby daughter, Shannon Tattersall.

Liam and his girlfriend Zoe first appeared in May 1997 at the arcade where Judy Mallett worked. When they began to frighten her, Judy's husband Gary Mallett threatened Liam, but Judy was shocked when Liam came back bloodied and bruised. He and Zoe told her that Gary had beaten him up and that if she didn't give him money, then he would report Gary to the police. It was later revealed that Liam and Zoe had fabricated the story and they only wanted money because fifteen-year-old Zoe was pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

However, Zoe would go on to give birth to a baby daughter and sell her to the Malletts, as Judy had fertility problems. Gary and Judy named the baby Katie. However, in December 1997, Zoe took her daughter back and renamed her Shannon. She later showed Liam his baby daughter, but Liam didn't want to be a dad and even tried to make Zoe see that they weren't fit to raise Shannon. He later tried to sell Shannon to the Malletts again, but Zoe managed to get away from Liam and told a devastated Judy that she was keeping her daughter. Liam later turned up on Coronation Street again and tried to get back with Zoe by coming up with another plan: they would pretend to sell Shannon to the Malletts, get the money and run off with her for pastures new. When Zoe didn't seem keen on the idea, Liam threatened to hit her, but good friend Ashley Peacock got him to leave.

Shannon died of meningitis in April 1998. Zoe attempted to trace Liam for the funeral, but he couldn't be found and didn't attend the service.

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