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Leslie Rawlins was a History teacher who confiscated Simon Barlow's phone in April 2017. Simon was caught sending a message on the last day of term and had it confiscated for the whole of the Easter holiday.

Simon's dad Peter Barlow had left his son an incriminating voicemail on the night of Ken Barlow's attack and went to retrieve the phone. Peter's work colleague Tim Metcalfe used the Street Cars database to get Mr Rawlins' address. Tim remarked that he was a "pain in the backside" due to his re-enacting hobby, claiming his spurs played havoc with the upholstery.

Peter arrived at Mr Rawlins' house and said that he had forgotten to give Simon his phone back at the end of the term. Mr Rawlins said that he had chosen to keep the phone in order to teach Simon a lesson. Brian Packham was also at the house and explained that Simon's grandfather and Brian's close friend Ken had recently had an accident. Mr Rawlins relented and gave Peter the phone, on the condition that Brian made himself available for the next re-enactment.

Mr Rawlins explained that he had left the phone at Weatherfield High and would need a lift to be able to give it to Peter. Peter said that would be fine, explaining that he'd came in his taxi. Mr Rawlins was unhappy to see that it was Street Cars as part of his costume had been damaged in one of their cars before.