Whilst Eileen Grimshaw was dating firefighter Paul Kershaw in October 2011, Eileen's lodger Marcus Dent spotted Paul with another woman in Freshco's, and told his partner Sean Tully about the situation, who agreed not to tell Eileen until they knew it was how it seemed. An oblivious Eileen slept with Paul, who surreptitiously phoned someone to say he wouldn't be home due to work. The following morning, Eileen woke to find that Paul had already left, and Marcus confessed about how he saw Paul with another woman. Eileen confronted Paul at the fire station, where he admitted he was married. She later decided that his wife deserved to know about her husband's philandering. When she called at Paul's house, Lesley Kershaw got confused as Eileen told her about Paul's cheating. Paul rushed to her side and explained to Eileen that Lesley had early outset Alzheimer's disease. Paul later properly explained the situation to Eileen but she told him that he should stay committed to his wife and that it would be better for them to not be friends.

Lesley later began to act violently in November 2011, and Paul confided in Eileen who had called him to help out a friend. When Lesley went missing, Eileen luckily found her after Paul called her at work and they took her to Roy's Rolls. In December 2011, Eileen sent a Christmas card to Paul and Lesley and later invited them for Christmas dinner. She took them to the Rovers but Lesley became increasingly confused. Paul cancelled Christmas dinner with Eileen when Lesley fell over in the garden, although they turned up at 11 Coronation Street later in the day and they went to the pub together yet again.

Lesley was left by herself at Eileen's house on 11th May, 2012 and electrocuted herself when she held the toaster under the kitchen tap to clean it while it was still plugged in. Paramedics failed to bring her round and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

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