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Leon Southam was a drug dealer who lived on Claybourne Estate in 2011.

Leon served a prison sentence some time prior to August 2011 but was released on parole. His girlfriend, Ruth Walsh, and their child remained incarcerated in the mother and baby unit of Norcross Prison. Leon took drugs to the prison when visiting Ruth and they used the baby to smuggle them, in order to sell them to inmates. One of the inmates, Fiz Stape, grassed Ruth up and she was evicted after her cell was trashed by prison staff looking for the drugs.

Ruth made Fiz's life a misery and when Tyrone Dobbs visited Fiz at the same time Leon visited Ruth, he decided to help Fiz out by following Leon from the prison. Tyrone was led to Clayborn Estate and witnessed one of Leon's drug deals. He revealed to his friends Tommy Duckworth and Kirk Sutherland that he planned to take photos of one of his drug deals and use them as evidence to get Leon back behind bars. This didn't go to plan, however, as he spotted them and attacked Tyrone with a baseball bat. Just as Leon was about to give Tommy a beating, Kirk knocked him out with an artificial arm. They tied him up and locked him in the butcher's shop fridge on Victoria Street. Stuck on what to do, they enlisted Gary Windass to help them out. Gary was reluctant at first, familiar with Leon and aware that even his uncle Len was afraid of him. Whilst the four went to see Leon in the fridge, an Estate Agent with a client entered the butcher's shop. Kirk, however, managed to put the client off. After they had gone, Norris Cole entered the shop after hearing Leon's constant cries for help. He found Leon, who had managed to cut himself free but Norris managed to keep him locked in. He called the police and Leon was imprisoned again for breaching his parole. The fact that he was back behind bars encouraged Fiz to stand up to Ruth.

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