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Lenny Phillips was a theatrical agent who employed Dennis Tanner from 1961 to 1963. Always on the lookout for new talent, Lenny spotted Dennis at the Orinoco Club in 1961 and gave him a job as a talent scout.

Lenny was something of an entrepreneur and his enterprises included the Viaduct Sporting Club in Weatherfield. He made London his home after opening an office there in 1962, with Dennis or Lenny's business partner Laurie Frazer handling responsibilities at the Manchester office.

Lenny had a nephew, Norman Phillips, who Lenny sacked Dennis to give the job of running the Northern Office in 1963.

Lenny was often referred to after his 1961 appearances but only appeared in one episode. In Episode 78, a sign on the door to his office at 17B Edward Street spells his surname as 'Philipps', though the ending credits list him as 'Phillips'. In Episode 256 the surname on the door is now 'Phillips' but the forename is 'Lennie'