Lena Thistlewood was a friend of Blanche Hunt, who appeared between February 2005 and June 2005.

Lena was a regular visitor to 1 Coronation Street, taking a fancy to Ken Barlow. Lena held a candle for Ken and was delighted when he and Deirdre briefly split up. Lena later attended Ken's wedding to Deirdre Rachid.

Following the wedding, Lena booked for an MOT certificate at Webster's Autocentre and hoped to be able to get the certificate without a check. Tyrone Dobbs told her that her car would have to go through a check due to its age.

When Lena next called in at the garage, she found Tyrone and Maria Connor having sex. Lena pretended to be overcome with shock and manipulated Tyrone and Maria into giving her a free MOT and haircut.

In January 2006, Lena died and she left her dog Eccles to Blanche.

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